What We Do

EitRF.org is starting a movement to end the misconception of AN and bring to light informed perspectives that save lives through its educational campaign.   Decades of misconception harbor ineffective treatment that robbed the lives of so many talented youths.

EitRF. org and its community of advocates seek to engage companies, businesses, industries and artists to sponsor EitRF.org’s Thrive Again educational campaign.  Everyone can help and make a meaningful impact in solving this societal tragedy by exposing this life saving information worldwide.  If you would like to offer help or be involved in any way, please see the section on HOW YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

EitRF.org believes that our conviction to educate society about AN resonates well with schools and other educational institutions.  By reaching out to students and families, EitRF.org will be able to offer help directly to those who may be affected by AN.  EitRF.org is working towards offering a short informational presentation to schools in the London area.  We are also working on creating informational packages to teachers/educators so that they can be champions for the cause and spread the message of EitRF.org.

EitRF.org believes in arts as an effective tool to speak about this ‘elephant in the room’ as well as to help sufferers themselves in their journey to recovery and self discovery.  EitRF.org is seeking partnership with institutions that can provide practical guidance and resources to accomplish one of our missions to use arts to aid recovery and self discovery.

EitRF.org endeavours to present well founded research findings that help in clarifying what AN is about as well as ending stigma that is attached to AN.  A portion of funds will be allocated to research that supports EitRF.org’s mission.  EitRF.org has started to provide clear and substantiated information in the website and will continue to provide updates to its community  and create safe havens to share infomation in facebook’s chat room.

Currently we have the development of:

Recruitment of young adults to become our EitRF YOUTH AMBASSADOR.  EitRF YOUTH AMBASSADORS (limited number for pilot program) –  commitment: approximately 1 hour of meeting and  3-4 hours of task work.   Tasks include finding creative ways to disseminate our message locally (representing EitRF.org in local events, setting up educational/fundraising events etc).  Early sign-up is required to qualify for the pilot program; EitRF Youth Ambassadors in the pilot program will receive a limited edition EitRF.org canvas book bag upon a pledge of one year commitment.

Recruitment of adults (parents/teachers) to become our EitRF COORDINATORS.  EitRF COORDINATORS – commitment: approximately 1 hour of meeting and flexible hours of task work per month.  Tasks include finding ways to guide, encourage and inspire youth ambassadors.  EitRF Coordinators are required to provide a venue (home or office) and snacks/drinks for youth ambassadors to meet monthly.

In the future we aim to complete:

EitRF PARENTS FORUM where private forum/discussion is facilitated using facebook interface.

EitRF EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM where we will provide EitRF EDUCATORS with the knowledge, resources and inspiration to spread awareness of AN.  Tasks include actively engaging youths to discuss the topic and help end the stigma attached to AN.