Personal Encounter

...what I knew was merely one piece in the puzzle."

“Coming across with the the Elephant in the Room Foundation has brought to the front spotlight a subject very close to my heart. Not because I have had personal encounters with anorexia through my immediate family and friends, rather because I live with what is also considered an eating problem by being obese throughout my adult life. I’ve been struggling with my weight all my life, trying time and time again to reach a healthy place.

Since my children were born an additional concerned was tossed into the pot, the worry of them first bring over weight like myself and then turning “anorexic” as a reaction to my struggles.

It is by the work of the foundation that I have learnt how this condition is much more complex than a number on the scales. That having an “off the scales” body weight, whether “too high” or “too low” is a result of a genetic pre disposition and the trigger, whatever it may be, is just that. A trigger.

Most importantly, the trigger or the “number on the scale” are not to be the main focus for diagnosis or treatment.

Before I came to know the foundation’s work I considered myself very knowledgable in its subject. Now I know that what I knew was merely one piece in the puzzle.”

Manuela Alper

Mother of three and architect

Liquid Architects UK Ltd


Helped me to help others

"... new approach and perspective..."

“The work of the foundation has been eye-opening for us all! Not only was I impressed by the new approach and perspective it brought to the problem of anorexia, it also helped me to help others who were facing similar concerns with their children so that they felt that they were not alone. They felt that they could reach out to exchange ideas and have some new light shed over their problems…”

Anna Luiza Cunha Pereira

Mother of two and CEO

CPNI-Cunha Pereira Negócios Imobiliários (CPNI), Brazil


About Eating Disorder

"... doctors sometimes don't recognize this condition until it's too late...

“The foundation has taught me a lot about eating disorders.  I’ve learned new things about they ways girls think about food and received a lot of information about how it can be a genetic predisposition.

I also learned how, medically, doctors sometimes don’t recognize this condition until it’s too late. Parents need to notice this problem on their own.”

Sabina Asnani

Mother of three and Partner

Emel Group, Nigeria


Early Patterns

"....not offend her (a friend) to speak about the 'elephant in the room'..."

“I am very lucky to have Veronica and her shared experiences in my life. Elephant in the room enhanced my exposure to this topic which I frankly had little or no knowledge of before I met Veronica. Her experiences helped me gain a better understanding of this topic, and encouraged me to help a friend in a way that would not offend her to speak about  the “elephant in the room”. What I found significantly helpful was the knowledge of how to determine  early patterns of someone who may be on this path and  how to help them without being too invasive!

I hope others find this as helpful as I did. Thank you Veronica for putting so much effort into this topic.”

Maryam Sayeed

London, UK


Hope and Guidance

"I wish there had been a Foundation (such as EitRF.org) ... to educate everyone"

“I wish there had been a Foundation such as Elephant in the Room when a few years ago my family and I were trying to support my sister through anorexia. People’s understanding of the condition is limited to the extremities and misconceptions from the media and certain ‘professionals’ who call themselves experts in the field turn out to be just as ignorant.

Women & men who suffer from eating disorders, and their families, need support, understanding and help to get them through each and every day.

I believe Elephant in the Room could be the answer to giving hope and guidance in helping people get through this terrible condition that can literally eat away your loved ones.  We need to stop them from falling in to the deep, dark well that anorexia brings.  We need to hold their hands and let them know that we can help.  We need to support Foundations such as Elephant in the Room to educate everyone and help stop the spread of this often misunderstood condition.”


London, UK


Educate Ourselves

...shocked and amazed what I learnt about AN (being genetic).

“I was truly shocked and amazed about what I learned concerning anorexia.  Although everyone hears about anorexia,  I personally felt I did not know half as much until after I received such an insight from the foundation.  Learning more through the foundation really helped me as I have family member affected by anorexia.

In my opinion, we all need to support such a fantastic foundation (the Elephant in the Room Foundation) to bring awareness and understanding about the seriousness of this genetically predisposed disorder as well as further educating ourselves so that we can be a helping hand to suffering individuals”.

Reshma Shah

London, UK

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Most Helpful Information

“Wow! This can be one particular of the most helpful blogs we have ever arrived across on this subject.  Actually Magnificent.  I’m also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your hard work.”

Isabel Marant


Really Good Points

“You’ve made some really good points there. I checked on the net to
learn more about the issue and found most individuals will go along
with your views on this web site.”

– Author of Lifestyle and Diet Books

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Agree with Early Signs to Watch Out For

“I personally seem to agree with almost everything that ended up being authored throughout Early Signs to Watch Out For.  Thanks for all the information.”

Regards, Lovie


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