AN: An Informed Perspective


It is like seeing a damaged building, the first impression would dictate that the building itself should be fixed (left photo).  But if what is broken is the foundation, only fixing the building is like putting a bandaid on a broken leg.

This situation is a good analogy to the condition of AN (right diagram).  Judging from ‘the surface’, people with AN are usually assumed to be individuals with problems.  However AN has been documented to be triggered by religious fasting and eccentric food ideas which have nothing to do with someone prone to stress or western culture ideals*.  While it is worthwhile to address problems an individual may be experiencing, it does not solve the underlying problem.  It is important to recognize the genetic underpinning of AN.

(*Miller and Pumariega, 2001. Culture and eating disorders: A historical and cross culture review.  Psychiatry 64. 2, 93-110 )