The Whole Journey of AN is Mostly Unknown to the Public

When I was watching my daughter go into the spiral of AN I did a lot of reading and observing and thinking.   What I saw was something very strange, very compulsive and completely irrational, much like the spontaneous reaction of anxiety I experience before making a speech.  (See Scientific Explanation that Makes Sense for further reading on this impulsive nature of AN).

As a mother I witnessed the whole journey of AN in my daughter before the condition became medically defined as AN (See the Founder’s  Story).  The way AN is currently reported by media can be misleading as it only focuses on the outcome of a long and grueling battle with a condition often denied by sufferers and family alike.  The misconception that AN is a personal choice lowers the instances of early intervention, which often makes the difference between full recovery and a possible death.  While some people can diet normally, people with AN should realize their weight loss may result in an out of control psycho-biological spiral, leading to further weight loss from a self imposed diet, even when they become extremely underweight.  But with recovery of weight and coping strategies fueled by the right mindset, there is hope for every person with AN to this wonderful self-discovery and a chance to thrive again.

The Whole Journey of AN